Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone!

Normally I don't count myself to those persons that like to get attention on the internet by publishing a blog. But I feel more and more comfortable with these new web 2.0 technologies and see their advantages: sharing information in a short time thanks to fast internet connection. I see this as a thankful medium to connect people - especially when they live far away from each other - like my own family and friends: My dad lives in the northern part of Germany, my brother Thomas in Munich, my sister Mel in Ireland and my sister Britta in Toronto, Canada. In a few weeks I will turn my back on Germany again and spend about eight months in Latin America. I will study "social communication" for one semester from August to December at the "Universidad de Buenos Aires" (UBA) in Argentina, Buenos Aires. After that time period I will try to find an internship at an international organization. In my last month (march) I plan to travel to the Caribbean. But who knows what will happen until then :-) In this blog I will try to keep you up to date and share my experiences. As I'm a student of "media and communications" I will also contribute some pictures and even videos if find a chance to put them on this blog to give you a kind of impression how life is in Buenos Aires, Argentina (or at least how I feel like it is)! Last but not least: I will keep this blog in English only because of the reason that some of my friends don't speak German so I want to give them a chance to take part in my blog as well. Honestly I'm too lazy to write two blogs and English is the most important language in the world anyway and most of you won't mind reading English (my English is simple anyway). So this shouldn't be a problem ;-)
I hope you'll enjoy my blog! Hasta luego!