Friday, January 16, 2009

little travel update

Hey there!

I would like to give a short update of my travelling. I would love to upload some pics, but I can't, I only have the memory card of my camera and no cable. I've been travelling for about 2,5 weeks now and I love it! Today I put my feet on Nicaraguan earth, I'm at the "Isla de Ometepe", a little island in the middle of the Nicaraguan lake which has 2 climbable volcanos. My aim tomorrow is to hike up to one of them. So far I really had a great time in Costa Rica. The landscape is amazing, the beaches beautiful and people very friendly. First I stayed some nights in San Jose, in my opinion a very ugly capital where is not a lot to see. It's only an important travel center point, because most of the time it's necessary to come back to San Jose to be able to travel to another place of the country. Anyway, I was lucky to meet two German sisters from Munich which had the same travel plan, so we decided to travel together. We took the bus/boat to Tortuguero, that's a little village in the north of Costa Rica at the Caribbean Coast and famous for its Rain Forest. After that we went on to "Puerto Viejo", a little "Reggae" beach town on the Caribbean. After the rainy rain forest it was really nice to have a little of beach and sun :-)
Back to San José, another German girl decided to come with me to the National Park "Manuel Antonio", in the South of Costa Rica, famous for its jungle and nice beaches and further we went down to the Pazific Coast to "Montezuma", another Reggae town but on the Pazific Coast. She returned to San José whereas I went on to "Monteverde", in the inside of the country where you can find jungle and hanging bridges. I did a great "Canopy tour", you hang on a cable and literely fly through the jungle with speed. That was a lot of fun. From there I took several buses to the border of Costa Rica/Nicaragua and finally I arrived here after a long day of travelling, considering I took a bus this morning at 4 am... Since I started travelling I started to get up very early in the morning, between 5-6 am. Yeah, right! I'm not kidding! For one reason buses leave very early here and mostly there are no night buses and secondly I would miss most of the day as daylight is only until 5-6 pm. I got used to that by now. I prefer to get up early and to see places rather than to sleep in the whole day. That's for now! Keep me updated as well, please!
Entonces les deseo una semana feliz (Well, I wish you a happy week),
nos vemos,