Monday, May 25, 2009

uploaded pics and goodbye!!!

Dear readers:

I would like to thank you guys for reading my blog, posting comments and in general your interest in what I was doing. I arrived in Germany about 6 weeks ago and now I am almost totally back to my old life. Of course, from time to time I am dreaming a little bit of my journey but life is't that bad here either and my friends here help me a lot having a good time.
As life isn't that exciting anymore how it was while traveling - I would like to say goodbye to you and to this blog. I will leave it online for a while - only for the reason that some other people from my college that are thinking about studying and traveling in South or Central America have access to it.
It will definately not be the last time I will spend time in a different country, I've already got some new plans, but I will tell you soon enough :-) This will happen in another, new blog, but it's too early to even talk about it. Don't worry, I will let you know.

One last thing:

I finally made it to upload the amount of pics of my trip! Before you start: I put them in the order of the countries I visited. So if you are only interested in one specific county, you can click on that appropriate folder. The overview of all folders you can find here.
For those of you with little time, less pacience and more need for a little summery of the best pics of every country, click here.

Thank you guys and


your ladysahne